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Wander of Shinobi - Naruto

Wander of Shinobi is back!
v8.0 - Unchained starting this week [15.09] - 8PM (GMT +1)
Official Site : http://www.wosots.com/
Official Promo : http://wosots.com/wos_promo/index.html

FREE Naruto MMORPG, Naruto Game, Naruto Online, Play Naruto,  Naruto OTS, Boruto MMORPG, Boruto Online, Boruto OTS

Choose one of 17 Characters from Anime : Naruto, and play as :
-Uzumaki Naruto
-Uchiha Sasuke
-Haruno Sakura
-Rock Lee
-Hyuuga Neji
-Ten Ten
-Aburame Shino
-Inuzuka Kiba
-Hyuuga Hinata
-Nara Shikamaru
-Akimichi Chouji
-Yamanaka Ino
-Sabaku No Gaara
& NEW Character added this version : Hatake Kakashi

1. Character Changes
This time, EVERY Character also received Major change and BALANCE to its own system.
What is more! Every character received new Jutsu & some characters received complete make over to their system!
EVERY Character received also another Transform for level 400!

2. No More Premium!
During this version there is no need to buy Premium because we have completely deleted it! There is no more holding you back! No more Chains!

3. New Event System!
No more boredom on the server, now all events start automatically! It is up to you to turn them on!

4. Balanced Reputation!
Joining your Village has never been so easy! You can now choose one of 9 Villages and begin to start collecting Reputation from the beginning!

5. New Areas!
New Wander of Shinobi brings lots of new areas for every level even high level ones! You need to see them all!

6. New Website!
Wander of Shinobi Official Website received an upgrade to match its new look!

Wander of Shinobi comes back with a great pack of new graphics and music!

8. Overall Visual Upgrade
Wander of Shinobi received overall graphics update. We have managed to change environment as well as few playable characters!

9. New Mobs & Items and MORE!

10. Bug Fixes!

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