8811101 - 2017-11-18 07:52:41

Dragon Ball Kai Online v7 Edition

Char Market has been removed from the game.
Speed Up and Mini Speed Up exhusted has been changed to 2 sec
Ki Paralyze exhust has been changed to 30 sec
400 Crafting Bosses has 2x less exp.
Regeneration ki cost has been changed from 3k to 1.5k ki poitns.
75 lvl techniques ki points cost have been changed from 2k to 1.5k ki points.
150 lvl techniques ki points cost have been changed from 3k to 2k ki points.

New Freeza DBSuper Reborn Last Outfit
New Cooler DBSuper Reborn Last Outfit
New Kame Reborn Last Outfit
New Brolly 150 Outfit
Changed Last Goku and Vegeta Transformation

New Cell Outfits
New Zamasu Outfits
New Tenshin Outfits and change Reborn in to Super Reborn
New Piccolo Outfits

New Character Jiren
New Character Bergamo
New Character Caulifla
New Character Kale
New Character Cabba
New Character C13
New Character Su Shenron
New Character Li Shenron
New Character Whis
New Character Kefla

A lot of reworked map and new exp-places.
New Autoloot System
New Quest for 300 lvl (one loss from 300 set items)
New Annihilator for 150 lvl (one from goku set items)
New Quest for 400 lvl (one loss from 400 set items and 5k hp)
New Dragon Ball Super Saga "Universe Survival Saga". (50kk exp, 10k hp, 100 enchanted senzu)





START TODAY 18/11/2017

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